Thursday, February 2, 2012

Career Goal

Although I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Events Management) and am working towards becoming an events co-ordinator, I tend to have second thoughts about the career I'm embarking on.

I've been told by some lecturers that it is a little difficult to gain jobs in the events field in the country and it is best to work in Europe as an event co-ordinator. The demand for event workers are increasing.

As I'm becoming more into health and fitness, I've been looking into studying to become a high school PE teacher. It's a big change from the business industry but I do see myself enjoying studying this course and working in this field.

As time changes, my mind changes. I guess we'll just have to see how I feel once I've completed my degree in business.

Travel Goal

I would love to travel around the world one day. I haven't been to many places but I do hope some day I'd be able to travel to places and experience the many different cultures. The main issue affecting me from travelling is my financial status as I don't really have a full-time job, however, once I am financially able to travel, I plan on taking a trip around Europe and visitting the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Portugal.

One of these days, Lia! One of these days!

Personal Goal

I'm starting to become more health-wise now as I learn more and more about health and fitness. I regularly attend gym and try my best to eat as healthy as I can. My personal goal would be to try and tone up my body and also stick to a healthier diet regime. I tend to snack heavily when I get cravings, so I need to try and be more in control of my cravings.

Career Goal

Ever since high school had ended for me in '08, I knew I wanted to do events. It took me a while to decide which industry I wanted to specifically work in - whether it be in music and entertainment or fashion.

I've always had a 'passion for fashion' and have always loved concerts and gigs. Hence why I wanted to be a part of the operational side of the events.

I've had experience in both fields - interning at a front of house fashion agency that deals with Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, as well as volunteer work with plenty of music festivals. From these experiences, I was able to get my foot in the door and gain as much experience in both industries.

I've come to the conclusion that I want to primarily focus more on fashion, rather than music, as I love fashion and the environment of it all.

My career plans always change as time passes but ever since 2010, I already set myself a goal to partake in an international internship in fashion events and fashion marketing once my degree has ended. However, as time changes, I've also considered studying an extra 6 months at The Fashion Institute once my degree ends to gain a little bit more knowledge and to also gain more networking contacts before I study abroad.